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Technical metrics, measurement & sampling

Electrical installations & network
The company experts regularly provide services of inspection and testing of all electrical installation in order to provide client with Certificate of test as required by local legislation by-laws.

There is a series of visual and functional inspection and practical tests among which the most frequent are:
  • earth continuity
  • insulation resistance of live conductors to earth
  • insulation resistance between all live conductors
  • earth fault loop impedance when required
  • correct circuit connections (etc)

Working environment sampling – physical agents
Among others the following tests have been regularly undertaken by the company: air sampling, noise protection and hearing preservation tests, lighting verification etc.

Working environment sampling – chemical agents
The following tests have been regularly offered by the company: gases and vapours testing & sampling, airborne particles sampling and data processing etc.


Forced ventilation verification
The company is providing services in testing and verification of forced ventilation systems integrity and efficiency.

Verification of hazardous working equipment integrity
The company is entrusted the permit to undergo visual and operational tests of the equipment being listed in Ministry of Labour and Entrepreneurship dedicated regulation.
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