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Safety at work

Risk Assessment
Risk Assessment preparation is a multidisciplinary effort that requires HAZID study led by our team experts. They are supported by occupational health specialist that can be provided from either your or our side.

Risk Assessment for those working with VDT
Those working more than 4 hours/day or 20 hours/week with VDT (Video Display Terminals) are subject to Risk Assessment process that underlines ergonomic parameters to be achieved.

Safety at Work Regulation
This document, in virtue, represents client internal regulation and its necessity is documented via Risk Assessment study outcome.

Safe practices training plan and programme
Indikator is providing a wide range of the training plans and programmes tailored as to suit to client´s needs.

Emergency response plans
The company is providing assistance and solutions in documenting your organisation emergency response plans such; evacuation and rescuing plans in the case of unexpected events, oil spill response plans etc. We also provide assistance in exercise preparation, scenario planning and execution.

Verification of technical specifications for certificate of occupancy

Instructions for safe use of equipment
The company provides assistance in wrapping up the instructions and provides study for safety signage’s layout on your premises.

Safety at Work assistance – general
The company offers Safety at Work package tailored such to meet your needs throughout various expertise, studies and compatible programmes.

Povratna informacija o zadovoljstvu korisnika

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